Summersault provide freshly prepared lunches everyday. All of our food is made in our own restaurant kitchen so we know exactly what goes into it. If you want to know what goes into the food at Summersault from a nutritional, dietary, allergy or pure inquisitive interest we can tell you. We have a large range of main meals which we change each day, below are some of the dishes you will find at Summersault


    Lunchtime Meals

  • Very Thick Fresh Vegetable Soup served with Fresh Baked Organic Breads From £5.30
  • Vegetable Pizza with a choice of three Summersault salads £7.55
  • Plain pizza with a choice of three Summersault salads £7.10
  • A variety of freshly prepared vegetable flans (e.g.broccoli and stilton, tomato and fresh basil flan) served with a choice of three of our salads. £8.60
  • Portion of flan on its own. £4.40
  • A choice of 5 fresh Summersault salads with organic fresh baked bread. From £7.45

    Main Meals

  • Aubergine Bake ( Roasted Aubergines layered with New Potato Slices and baked in a Tomato, Basil and red wine Sauce and topped with Eggs and Yogurt)
  • Tomato Cobbler ( Button Mushrooms sautéed in garlic and baked with sweet peppers and Spanish onions in an organic toatosauce flavoured with fresh flat parsley and soy sauce and topped with cheese and herb scones)
  • Leek Croustade ( Leeks, tomatoes and broccoli cooked in a béchamel sauce and baked in a case made from wholemeal breadcrumbs, grated cheese and mixed herbs)
  • Chestnut Pie ( Sweet Chestnuts, Mushrooms, Carrots with a vegetable sauce thickened with breadcrumbs and baked in puff pastry and topped with pine nuts toasted in soy sauce).

These 4 main meals are examples of a large range of main meals which we change each day and are offered with a choice of three salads from £8:95

We also have a range of up to 12 salads which are freshly prepared, which customers can choose any selection for £1.40 a portion. Descriptions of these can be viewed in our outside catering section.

These lunch time meals are available from about 11.00a.m.

Summersaults Shop Front

Cakes at Summersault

Throughout the day 12 different cakes and 3 different scones and up to 6 different breads are available together with up to 10 different puddings/sweets all of which are freshly made on the premises in our own kitchen using organic eggs, cream, flour and fruit and nuts and need to be seen and tasted to be believed.

Cakes and scones range in price from £1.75 for our famous scone through to £2.25 for one of our richest fruit or lumberjack cake.

Fudge Cake, £4.15 for Pecan and Maple Pie to £4.40 for Fresh Fruit Pavlova or Vanilla and Blueberry Cheesecake for example.