Summersault is a unique and atmospheric restaurant and coffee house where everything is cooked in house using organic, meat-free ingredients to produce real food and drink; Summersault's excellent reputation for good food has been developed since 1989.


Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday : 9.00am- 4.30pm Shop and Delicatessen until 5.00pm

Sunday and Monday Closed

Recent Additions!

Jazz on Friday restarts on February 27th.See calendar for details..
Love is in the air.. Check out the the Summersault Menus available to eat at home, or dine out this Valentines day.
Warm and Seasonal Soups. Check the Summersault recipes for this seasonal, warming, delicious soup recipe.
Spelt Pasta Salad featured in our September 2014 newsletter.
Potato Crust Vegetable Flan featured in our April 2014 newsletter.

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Summersaults Shop Front