We need to pause, have a rest and think, away from the hyper activity that has been our daily task for 27 years. So we are closing Summersault on Saturday 6th August 2016 after 27 incredible years.

We have been looking for someone to take over the beautiful building that has housed Summersault for some time now. Having carefully restored it to its former glory and lovingly cared for it over those years we are particular in who we allow to take it over, and so far we have found no-one who we felt could rise to the challenge.

We hope that during our closure we will find someone to take on this unique and historically outstanding building. We can’t guarantee however that there will not be some kind of  80’s Rock band style comeback. We still have overheads to pay on the building while it stays empty so there is a limit to how long we can hold out before impecunity forces our return. If you are someone, or know someone,  who is bursting to use Summersault’s magnificent building for something exciting  and adventurous get in touch; otherwise you may find us back again with some desperate senile idea of our own.

We may open our doors for a weekend or two later in the year to sell off at reduced prices our extensive range of interior design wares and furniture free from the encumbrance of the restaurant.
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It’s been an exciting, adventurous and very developmental 27 years.

Thank you to you all (although it may not be over).

Love Eileen and Michael



Opening Times

Tuesday - Saturday : 9.00am- 4.30pm Shop and Delicatessen until 5.00pm

Sunday and Monday Closed

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Summersaults Shop Front